How to Create Mockups

How to create mockup in 1 Min.

Learn how to create mockups to better understand the designs easily (1 min.). You can easily convince your customer by using mockups. They can visualize your designs.

Platform where we can create mockups?

Here are many platforms, where you can create mockups like: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD. On the other hand, you can get pre-made mockups from various websites like: Mockup-world, Mockplus etc.


So, Let’s come to the main point, how we can create a mockup in less than 1 minute.


Let’s COUNT 3 2 1 0… WAIT IS OVER


SmartMockups is a website where you can create mockups in 1 minute.

Create Mockup

Create mockups online

Creating mockups online is very fast and easy process. You can generate or create your own mockups in minute. In online era, many platforms that provide a good mockups collection where we can create Ultra HD MOCKUPS.
Creating a mockup is a very time consuming process if you can create it yourself.
  1. Create a design
  2. Change your design to mockup
  3. Present to your customer.

It's time to share our real story

In the beginning of our journey, we created mockups in photoshop, but it’s a very time consuming process. On one day, one of our friends recommended us to use SMARTMOCKUPS and said it’s a very useful platform for graphic designers who are looking for mockups and creating mockups. I Personally use smartmockups. This is a very good website for creating Free Mockups and Premium Mockups. Here are the some screenshot or custom created mockups (Using Smartmockups)
Create mockups online
Create mockups free

Why do we choose SmartMockups?

This can increase your workflow and make more time to do other things. And they can offer Premium and Free Mockups.

Also, you can get video mockups.
Create Mockup
Create mockups online
Create mockups free

Steps to create mockups

  1. Go on
  2. Choose mockups
  3. Upload graphics/image
  4. See the mockup
  5. Download

We believe that this blog post is helpful for you…   it’s easy…   it’s useful… It’s time savvy.


Thank You!


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